From multi-floor interior installations and technically complex core and shell building projects to small tenant renovations, our projects are completed on schedule and within budget. We work as a team with building owners, managing agents, tenants, designers, architects, and engineers. This partnership approach has made Blasetti Construction Inc. one of the most respected construction managers and general contractors in the Long Beach metropolitan commercial market.

Careful attention to cost analysis, value engineering, realistic scheduling, and coordination of responsibilities is the hallmark of the Blasetti Construction Inc. team throughout all phases of a project, from project planning and design to construction and occupancy. "There's No Such Thing as a Minor Detail!"

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Project Planning
The Importance of Starting Early

Blasetti Construction Inc. is built on strong convictions about how large-scale construction projects should be approached. For example, we believe that there is no such thing as starting too early-or tracking details too closely. At Blasetti Construction Inc., we begin pre-planning as early as possible, paying close attention to project requirements, cost analysis and scheduling while anticipating all possible contingencies.

A Focus on Cost and Value
While quality is of paramount concern for our clients, so are cost and value. As soon as the architect's schematic plans are available, we prepare a detailed budget and schedule, updating them as drawings are available.

During these early stages, we are able to tap our extensive base of knowledge and market intelligence to advise the architect on such matters as materials availability and pricing, and likely lead times for deliveries. In many cases, we can propose alternative construction and design solutions that yield superior results for the client.

Once drawings and specifications are finalized, we take an active role in identifying potential subcontractors and soliciting bids. Working closely with the owner and architect/engineer, we evaluate bidders rigorously. Each is judged according to experience, capacity, current workload, management, financial stability and commitment to working within agreed-upon schedules. Our pre-construction analysis enhances our negotiating position and helps us obtain the best possible value.

On Course and on Schedule
The awarding of subcontracts marks what could be considered "the beginning of the beginning." At this point, we finalize the schedule for the entire project. We also develop a detailed cost value for each subcontract and a projected cash flow analysis. As construction proceeds, we monitor and coordinate all elements of the project.

Our goal is to ensure that cost and quality control targets are achieved-and to keep the process moving smoothly through signoff and occupancy.

Project Management

A Hands on Approach

Few activities are more complex or detail-driven than commercial construction-especially in the Long Beach metropolitan area. Doing it well takes specialized experience in project management-and a total hands-on approach.

Total Control
Blasetti Construction Inc.'s professional project managers are uniquely adept at solving problems and making decisions that keep projects moving. In addition to an exhaustive knowledge of construction and design issues, they bring highly developed communication and quantitative skills to their work-and a firm grasp of logistics.

Upshot: Our project managers are able to maintain total control of every aspect of the project. They are responsible for construction job meetings, updating schedules, controlling costs and working closely with the architect to assure hands-on management and control. Safety is our priority as project managers coordinate the daily work of Blasetti Construction Inc.'s experienced field personnel, and skilled subcontractors.

Multifaceted Support
Our project managers are supported by a highly versatile team of professionals. They include an on-site project superintendent, who oversees construction operations on a daily basis. The project superintendent maintains open communication with all parties, monitoring work quality and progress. In addition to overseeing all field personnel-both the subcontractors' and Blasetti Construction Inc.'s-project superintendents ensure total compliance with all applicable building regulations and safety codes.

Record Management

There's No Such Thing as a Minor Detail

Even small and mid-sized construction projects generate a huge amount of paperwork: architectural and engineering drawings, reports, schedules, budgets, legal filings, permits, marketing materials and other documents. Record management is thus a critical component in the project's successful execution.

In recent years, Blasetti Construction Inc. has made a substantial investment in its own information technology infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art systems enable us to manage data and documents, share knowledge with clients and provide virtually instantaneous turnarounds on client queries.

Of course, advanced organizational skills are as much a part of record management as advanced technology. Our record management team tracks, monitors and updates all filings and submissions on a daily basis. Their responsibilities include the scheduling and coordination of mandatory tests and inspections and the securing of required releases, guarantees, warranties and final signoffs. Their work figures pivotally in the smooth progress of every project.